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5 Everyday Things that May Damage Your Car's Paint

While people like to think of automobiles as powerful, sturdy machines, they are in truth easily affected by their environments. Every time you enter a car, a fallen branch or a pothole may be waiting to take a serious toll on one of your most prized and expensive possessions. A car’s paint is especially susceptible to issues. Read these five everyday things that can damage your car’s paint so that you can avoid some of these common traps.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are not only disgusting, but they may also leave permanent damage to your paint. They often include acidic seeds and berries, as well as grainy textures. Ultimately, if they are not cleaned immediately, bird droppings can dull or stain your paint forever. Auto dealers recommend that drivers quickly use a microfiber cloth with spray to wipe away the leavings.

Coffee and Soda

Drivers all around the world have made the mistake of leaving a coffee or soda on their car’s roof, only to see the drink tip over and mess with their paint. Coffee and soda are among the five everyday things that can damage your car’s paint because both have acids that harm a car’s finish. They should be wiped off immediately with a soft cloth and then washed with soapy water.

Splattered Bugs

Bugs also have a way of injuring your car’s paint if not attended to quickly. Their bodies contain acids that leave permanent imprints on the top layers of a vehicle’s paint. It is advised that you wipe them off right away with a bug and tar remover and a soft washcloth.

Tree Sap

This one can be easy to overlook. If you park your car under a tree, you may return to it later only to find tree sap splotches all over its paint. These are difficult to pick off and may damage your car permanently. Experts recommend that you wipe it off using a soft cloth wetted with a rubbing compound.


If your car spends too much time in the sun, its paint may fade or dull. Mechanics recommend you keep your car garaged or covered. Do what you can to keep it out of direct sunlight.

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